This tutorial was made using CorelX2and should work in other versions as well.
The tutorial is my own creation,
any resemblance to other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Filters needed

Mehdy Lab
It@lian ,Editors>Effetto Fantasma
Andrew s Filters 51>Straight Lines 234
& Bkg Designer sf10 I-Cruncher
Abdromeda- Perspectiv

Supplies-Tube used by permission from Maja.
The selections , mask, word art and decor is my.

Maja's Site can be foubdHere

Supplies Download Here

Materials Palette
Foreground: #e1c6bf
Background: #904e5c

Unzip Supplies, Place the Selections in My PSP Files Selection Map.Open all images in workspace
Duplicate the tube, close the original ,
Export the sadness.png and the esdecor.png to the Custom Brush
If you ready let as begin
Open a new transparent image 900x600
Plugins-Mehdy-Wavy Lab -1, 26, 0

Andrews Filters51-Straight Lines 234- 86,6,3,3,0,12,188,86
Plugins-Simple- Blintz

Image > Resize 76% all layersnot checked.
Selections-Load Selections from Disk
Locate 00013cb2 selection.

Selections-Promote Selection to Layer
Select none
Andrew's Filter 51 the same settings, BKG Designer sf10 I: Cruncher : settings20,20
Duplicate this layer ( should be the top layer)
Image > Mirror, Image > Flip

Layers Palette should be like this
Merge Down the two top layer.
Effects-3D Effects-Drop Shadow
1,1,33,3 Color a Background
Layers-Merge Down

Layers-New Raster Layer.
Fllodfill layer with foreground.
Layers-New Mask Layer-Mask From Image. locate es137 mask
Merge Group



Selections-Load Selection From Disk,
locate 000013cb selection.

Select Selection Borders settings: 3 Both side,Anti-alias checked

Repeat once more
Layers- New Layer
Floodfill with your foreground color
Select none
Plug Ins
It@lian Editors-Effetto Fantasma: 10,10

Merge Down
Adjust > Sharpen
Activate Raster2 Magic Wand - select your working image like below

Layers New R.Layer
Click on the maja1ab.png image Edit Copy - Edit > Paste Into Selection
Select none
Merge Down


Layers > Duplicate
Image > Mirror
Merge Down
Matterials Palette
Set foreground to # 904e5c

Brush-Paint Brush
New Raster Layer
find the sadness word art settings:
Size: 240, Step. 32,Density 100,Rotation:0, Opacity 100, Blend Mod Normal
Place it on the middle, see my example

Drop Shadow 1, 1, 70, 3 Color Background
New Layer
Select Paint Brush in the dropdown
find the esdecor brush, the same color on
Matterials Palette same settings as before
only change the Size to 456, place it on the lefr side on your working image
Image > Mirror
Layers Merge Down
Adjust > Sharpen

Image > Add Borders
Add borders 2 pix Background
Add Borders 10pix Foreground
Add Borders 2pix Background
Add Borders 30pix Foreground
New Raster Layer
Add your watermark
Layers Merge All (Flatten )
Image > Resize 900pix
Thank's for my dear testers.

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